Views from the Top


Historic neighborhoods, perception-altering architecture and innumerable corridors where old meets new offer a landscape that defies definition. Forget the Burj Khalifa in Dubai or the Petronas Towers in Malaysia; it’s the city that never sleeps that offers breathtaking man-made marvels, and an expansiveness that—in typical New York style—stretches toward the horizons. But—skyline views from New Jersey and Brooklyn and the occasional flyby aside—it can be a backbreaker to take it all in.

That’s where we step in. Still every bit as excited about what’s outside our office windows, we’re not going to let it just sit there. “Views from the Top” is a series of exclusive photographs captured from atop the Big Apple’s greatest inhabitants—the high-reaching buildings and towers that make New York the template for all other cities. Stepping beyond the restricted areas closed to the public, we saw, once again, how amazing this place we call home really is.

Empire State Building (Erected 1931): Synonymous with New York City from the plethora of scaled-down souvenirs to its near-archetypal presence in classic cinema. The first of its kind to hit the century mark, the landmark is forever a reminder of what this city is capable of.
Woolworth Building (Erected 1913): Done, before it could be done. The neo-Gothic granddaddy of them all is an homage to the American entrepreneur’s game-changing legacy.
666 Fifth Avenue (Erected 1957): Long an asset along Manhattan’s “most expensive street in the world,” the 41-story building is at home among the luxury brands and quintessential New York spots that bask in its glow.
8 Spruce Street (Erected 2010): Sending a ripple of waves above the Financial District, Frank Gehry’s mind-bending 76 stories is a beacon of the iconic architect’s transformative design.
Time & Life Building (Erected 1958): The Time-Life Building as it has become known is the funky go-getter of Midtown, the first building of Rockefeller Center to step west over the Avenue of the Americas.
7 WTC (Re-erected 2006): In the wake of 9/11 New Yorkers and Americans stood tall amidst the rubble. 7 WTC is a symbol of how we banded together to rise stronger than before.
The Brooklyner (Erected 2010): The tallest building in Brooklyn, at 51 stories, the high-flying rental apartments are symbolic of The Borough of Trees' recent building boom.