No Midtown for Old Men: MAS Wants 17 Buildings Saved in Face of Bloomberg’s Big Rezoning


From the start, one of the biggest concerns over the proposed Midtown East Rezoning has been the fate of the area’s historic buildings. Midtown has its fair share of landmarks already, but it is no Upper East Side or Park Slope. No doubt there are precious older buildings worthy of preservation, or at least consideration for landmarks protections, especially when staring down all the development that is likely to come from a huge rezoning like the one the Bloomberg administration has proposed for Midtown East.

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To that end, the Municipal Art Society has put forward 17 buildings it believes the city ought to consider protecting before the Midtown East Rezoning goes into effect. A survey of the area’s historic buildings actually has more time than it might seem to proceed, as the administration rushes toward approving this plan sometime next year, since it has promised the rezoning will have a sunrise provision preventing it from taking effect until 2017. Still, that does not mean any of these buildings could be saved from being torn down and becoming the next Empire State Building.
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