Amsterdam Ale House Opens New Restaurant Across the Park


%name Amsterdam Ale House Opens New Restaurant Across the Park
Courtesy of Amsterdam Ale House

The popular Amsterdam Ale House is set to open a new concept across the park on the Upper East Side.

The new restaurant will be located at 1644 Third Avenue and will be called the Third Avenue Ale House. The restaurant will occupy 5,000 square feet that is split between a 2,500 ground floor and a basement of the same size.

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“We were looking for a certain feel rather than a specific area. We wanted an area that had a combination [of] friendly and professional vibe. We have been speaking to brokers and asking them for neighborhoods that fit those qualities,” said Jacob Rabinowitz, the owner of the restaurant. “Our broker, Alexander Hill, told us that the neighborhood was moving away from the “just post college” demographic that had it been previously known before.”

“The direction of the neighborhood appears to be going in the direction of slightly more settled 30-40 year old crowd who are ready for our type of establishment,” Mr. Rabinowitz continued.

Alexander Hill, an associate director at Winick Realty, represented the tenant. An in-house broker represented the landlord, MautnerGlick Corp.

The lease duration was set for fifteen years.

“We will try to retain the classic and comfortable feel of Amsterdam Ale House while providing a slightly more modern menu and environment,” Mr. Rabinowitz further commented. “Yesterday’s pub food was anything that you could fit in a deep fryer. Today’s pub fare includes lamb burgers and bison burgers, hummus and plenty of salads.”