Philip Johnson Gets Exhibition at The Lipstick Building


Famed architect Philip Johnson will get his own retrospective in the lobby of The Lipstick Building at 885 Third Avenue, whose distinct shape he helped design.

philip johnson with building hat Philip Johnson Gets Exhibition at The Lipstick BuildingThe exhibition will showcase 50 years of the architect’s work, which includes Mr. Johnson’s relationship to the Bauhaus arts movement and the history of the lipstick building. It will be curated by Hilary Lewis, who authored two books on Philip Johnson (Philip Johnson: The Architect in his Own Words and The Architecture of Philip Johnson), and the exhibit itself will be designed by Dan Shannon of the architecture firm Moed de Armas & Shannon.

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Expect to see rare photographs of Mr. Johnson, along with his building designs and his sketches of the Lipstick Building before the building was constructed. 

The art exhibition is spearheaded by the building’s new ownership group, IRSA and Marciano Investment Group. Herald Square Properties, the co-asset management team for 885 Third Avenue, is also involved in the art showing.

“The experience of the lobby is inherently grand and makes a perfect backdrop for art and creative exhibitions,” said Gerald Nocera, a principal at Herald Square Properties, in a prepared statement.

Philip Johnson fans can check out the exhibit today, which will be running until the fall.