Vivan Toy Named Deputy Editor of New York Times Real Estate Section


Peter Sigal, the well-respected deputy editor of The New York Times’ Sunday real estate section, has accepted a position at The New York Times-owned International Herald Tribune in Paris, according to an announcement by email sent earlier today to writers (this one included).

Mr. Sigal oversaw the paper’s residential coverage in the Sunday paper as well as commercial coverage on Wednesdays.

His replacement will be none other than Vivian Toy, known primarily for writing the section’s On The Market page.

After the jump, the email to former and current writers.


sigal passport photo Vivan Toy Named Deputy Editor of New York Times Real Estate Section
Peter Sigal.

Hello all,

You’re receiving this message because you’ve recently free-lanced a real estate story for me, either commercial or residential.
Many of you already know this, but in three weeks, I’m going to be moving to Paris to work for the International Herald Tribune as an editor. My replacement will be Vivian Toy, who has been a reporter for the Real Estate section for a number of years and probably knows more about New York real estate than most brokers.
So…first, I’d like to thank you for your contributions. I (and The Times) appreciate your hard work, your creativity, your punctuality and not the least, your patience. It has truly been a pleasure to work with you to bring your ideas to print and to the Web.
Second, if you have any real estate story ideas, either commercial or residential, that you’d like to do in the coming weeks and months, please send them to me and Vivian. Her e-mail is [REDACTED].
After 6/22, I’ll be available primarily on gmail, at [REDACTED], as I’m not sure when I’ll have an IHT address.
Thanks, and best of luck to all of you. I hope we can work together in the future.