Brookfield’s Harmonic Generator: One World Financial Center Gets Green Garage


Brookfield (BN) Office Properties is giving its electric car-driving tenants two electric vehicle charging stations at One World Financial Center, the firm announced today.

BrookfieldEVStations1 400x267 Brookfields Harmonic Generator: One World Financial Center Gets Green Garage
An electric charging station at a Brookfield property in Los Angeles

The two charging stations is part of the property owner’s $250 million refurbishment of One World Financial Center that will “green” up the building and add a new dining and entertainment complex to the center. The “Green Garage Program” will also add other sustainable features to the property, like bike racks, LED light fixtures, and environmentally sound cleaning products for its cleaning staff.

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This green initiative is supported by Brookfield’s partnership with national nonprofit organization the Green Parking Council, and the garage will be a registered GPC Demonstrator Site.

Other Demonstrator Sites include the Chapel Square Garage in New Haven, CT, the Charles Square Garage in Cambridge, MA, and the Allen Center Garage (a Brookfield-owned property) in Houston, TX.

Brookfield also has electrical vehicle charging stations in their properties located in Houston, Washington, DC, Los Angeles, and Toronto.

“Our Green Garage initiative at One World Financial Center is the most recent of many investments we are making to improve the quality of life for our tenants, employees, and the surrounding communities,” said Richard Bachia, senior vice president of operations for Brookfield Office Properties, in a statement today.

Last month, Brookfield started construction on its new glass pavilion entrance on West Street that will serve as a front door on the West Side Highway for the World Financial Center.  Architect Rafael Pelli, whose father César Pelli was the original designer of the World Financial Center in the 1980s, is designing the glass pavilion.