On The Market: The Necessity of Brokers; 'The Low Line;' Bye-Bye Borders


Traffic in Midtown today will be a UN-sanctioned congestion mess. [NY Post]

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The worst thing about Hurricane Irene? There’s a pumpkin shortage. [Daily News]

All these natural disasters—remember the earthquake?—is causing a boom in renter’s insurance. [Journal]

A full-throated defense of real estate agents. [NY Times]

What’s the better tool to soothe over-angry neighbors, cash or booze? [UrbanBaby]

DUMBO’s art festival will, apparently, be a three-day bacchanalia of creativity. [Brooklyn Paper]

Ugly start to St. Vincent’s public review. [DNAinfo]

The MTA’s newest toy to show us all that they’re trying: the interactive “On the Go Travel Station” (we hope it’s better than the useless “The Weekender). [Daily News]

The dogs ruled in Gramercy Park this weekend. [DNAInfo]

It seems that Stuyvesant Town has come to resemble a refuse-strewn shanty town. [NY Post]

Meet “The Low Line.” [Curbed]

Century 21 goes for that boutique feel. [DNAinfo]

New York’s last Border’s closed yesterday. [Daily News]