On the Market: 9/11 Cost America $3.3 Trilion; Irene Hurts Property Values; M.T.A. Debt Downgraded; Architecture of Burning Man



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City on high alert after possible 9/11 plot revealed. [NY Times]

Muslim family still feels the pain of that day a decade ago. [Daily News]

9/11 has cost America $3.3 trillion. [NY Times]

The voices of 9/11, including neighbors, the priest, and, of course, “the Developer,” Larry Silverstein. [Journal]

Graphic images will be on display at the 9/11 Museum. [NY Post]

Window graffiti at St. Peter’s Church becomes permanent memorial. [NY Times]

Assembly Speaker Shelly Silver praises Lower Manhattan’s revival. [Crain’s]

Everything Else:

President Obama promises $10 billion infrastructure bank. [WNYC]

Irene reminds us that living in a flood plane can be bad for your property values. [NY Times]

Bikers worried about anti-bomb barricades at base of Williamsburg bridge. [Daily News]

Bed-Stuy is on the upswing. [Journal]

The peculiar stretch of Rhinelander Row. [NY Times]

Douglas Elliman expands upstate. [Crain’s]

City College solar roofpods debuting at national architecture competition. [DNAinfo]

M.T.A. debt downgraded, threatening fares. [Streetsblog]

The architecture of Burning Man. [ArchPaper]

Correction: An earlier version of this post misstated the cost of 9/11 as “$3.3 billion.”