The Closing: Fulton Street Hub Rising; Atlantic Yards Sidewalks Shrinking; Home Prices Leveling Off


The new Fulton Street transit hub is beginning to take shape downtown. [Curbed]

A potential new cause of ‘righteous’ anger brought to you by Atlantic Yards. [Streetsblog]

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Hurricane Irene left WTC construction unscathed. [Globe St.]

This amalgamation of NYC data is a very cool tour de force of information, brought to you by: [Crain’s]

The Hotel Williamsburg is already annoying us with all the twee marketing. [Curbed]

Bank of America’s bogus journey into litigation over their pre-crisis mortgage lending continues on pace. [Crain’s]

A Park Slope church is getting a (not-so) extreme makeover. [Brownstoner]

While an Upper West Side church starts a new life of moonlighting as a theater. [DNAInfo]

The housing market is showing some signs of stabilization nationwide (which pass for signs of life these days). [Bloomberg]

Brooklyn’s Hotel Le Bleu made out like a bandit during “the ‘cane.” [Brownstoner]