On the Market: Carpenters Join Concreters in WTC Strike; Faye Dunaway, Rent-Stabilized Tenant; BroBos’ Weddings Ruined


Locals “blindsided” by Brooklyn Bridge Park deal for a new residential tower. [Journal]

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Is this the smallest apartment in New York? [Refinery29 via The Real Deal]

Entire block of East Harlem might soon be on the market. [NY Post]

Much to his neighbors’ chagrin, Landmarks approved plans for a Turkish millionaire’s backyard pool. [DNAinfo]

Niche gyms are struggling to find suitable space in Manhattan. [NY Times]

First the concrete workers, now the carpenters stop work at the World Trade Center site. [Journal]

On the bright side: although construction isn’t yet completed at 1 WTC, it’s already downtown’s tallest tower. [NY Post]

Meanwhile, Cortlandt Street subway station, damaged in the 9/11 attacks, is close to reopening. [NY Post]

Actress Faye Dunaway is facing eviction from her rent-stabilized apartment based on allegations she doesn’t live there. [NY Times]

Construction scaffolding ruining BroBos’ weddings [Brownstoner]

The Wings Club of New York is moving into the old Pan Am headquarters at the MetLife building. [NY Times]

How do you say “Vroom” in Italian? Brooklyn gets a Fiat dealership [BK Paper]

Suadi Arabia proposes world’s tallest tower, one kilometer tall [Journal]