The Closing: Big Real Estate Sweats Interest Rates; Asia de Cuba Closing; Peck Slip Plaza Closures


It’s happening: local support for a New York City Walmart is growing. [Crain’s]

New York real estate execs fear that without a debt ceiling compromise, interest rates will spike. [The Real Deal]

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A look inside Google’s NYC headquarters—it has a library, massage parlor and a “jam room.” [AM New York]

Where will Lady Gaga get coconut sticky rice now? Asia de Cuba in the Morgans Hotel is closing in October. [Crain’s]

But, instead, you can head over to the bar/restaurant that will be in the new midtown Tommy Bahama store, opening this fall. [Racked NY]

Might MySpace NYC be taking the whole “sex sells” idea a bit too far? [The Real Deal]

There’s plenty of room for development in the Highbridge section of the Bronx. [Crain’s]

Construction at Peck Slip Plaza downtown could force 30 restaurants and small businesses to shut down. [AM New York]

State court gives the go-ahead for racial discrimination suit against the Dakota co-op building. [NY Times]

Community Board 3 approved an East Village Historic District. [Village Confidential]