On the Market: Century 21 Expands, Big-Time Office Towers Trading, Queens Tries for Tourism


Three brothers and their closed-up shop in Fort Greene. Damn Buildings inspectors. [NY Times]

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The Fed wants to cut the deficit above all else. [NY Times]

Hilton, Marriott want you to think of them more as luxury hotel brands. [NY Times]

Satow: Brisk office subleasing now officially a trend. [NY Times]

Here’s some pictures of the new portion of the High Line. [Journal]

Brown: Prices up, big-name buildings across the country go on the block. [Journal]

Easdtil Secured wins U.S. Anglo Irish portfolio. [Journal]

Weiss: 170 Broadway close to becoming hotel; Century 21 expanding by 109K feet, including office space; Upper East Side apartment building on the market for first time since Eisenhower. [NY Post]Yes, that’s about right. Bailed-out GE planning subprime mortgages. [NY Post]

One-of-a-kind victory in Queens of man over bank. [Daily News]

College students coming up with ways to get tourists to visit Queens for a day. We wish them luck. [Daily News]

Halstead’s Kleigerman to head new marketing firm. [The Real Deal]

Agovino: Gotham’s new $350 M. loan for 11th Avenue apartment tower. [Crain’s]

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