Techy Thingie Mashable Moving Downtown


petecashmoreheadshot 200x300 1 Techy Thingie Mashable Moving Downtown If we understood more about what it was, we’d type more (we still have an active Aol account). But, as it stands, we will leave the scooping to Ben Popper at our sister site, BetaBeat, in regard to Mashable moving its offices downtown. (The location of the relocation remains unknown–for now.)

From Mr. Popper:

For a long time the company relied on co-working spaces and many staffers clocked in from home. But just last fall Mashable moved into their first full time space on East 24th and Park. Now they are in the process of getting a new office downtown, five times larger than their current digs. “Intimacy is great, overcrowding is not,” [Mashable founder and apparent Scotsman Pete] Cashmore said. :: @tacitelli