On the Market: Real Estate Actually Creating New Jobs; 980 Madison in Trouble?; NYCHA Broke


BroBos squack about slaughter house next to condo–it’s been there since the ’20s [BK Paper]

New push to sell wine in grocery stores [Post]

Yet another flashy hotel for the Bowery [Curbed]

Almost one-third of new jobs comes from real estate [Real Deal]

Old Brooklyn Heights police station sells for a distressed $7.5 million, going residential [Brownstoner]

RFR’s 980 Madison in trouble, too [Crain’s]

NYCHA trying to push soloists out of three- and four-bedrooms [News]

And the housing authority has no money for repairs [Real Deal]

Downtown retail is improving, but it’s still a disconnected mess [Post]

DUMBO bursting at the cobbelstones… [Journal]

…and turning to TV to sell the hood’s top-flight clocktower [Times]

The new Union Square cafe will be–surprise!–farm focused, even though it looks Italian [Curbed]

One-thousand “green” supers to help make the city more efficient [Crain’s]

Inside the renovated, REI-ready Puck Building [Post]

NYU continues to look outside the village, as it prepares to build in the Village [Journal, Curbed]

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