Trump Wonders Is This Any Way to Treat Your Savior? [Updated]


dn trump222 Trump Wonders Is This Any Way to Treat Your Savior? [Updated]

In a radio interview this morning, Donald Trump said he feels betrayed by the New York Daily News, which he said he “saved” but now gives him “nothing but bad articles.”

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“I understand the Daily News. I saved the Daily News. When Mort Zuckerman and Fred Drasner came to me years ago and they had a huge problem, and I was able to help them save the Daily News, and that’s the treatment I get. That’s called very disloyal and I could get into it and probably will later on down the line when it’s important. But it’s not that important right now. 

I actually thought the picture was not as bad as some other people. My wife didn’t like it very much. 

But the truth is I helped — I saved the Daily News and I did them a huge favor by so doing. And what do I get? Nothing but bad articles in the Daily News. But hopefully over a period of time people will understand they won’t be reading it very much if they read it right now.

An email to a Daily News spokeswoman seeking comment was not immediately returned.

Update: DN spokeswoman Jennifer Mauer politely declined to comment.

Update: Reports Michael Calderone:


Trump’s claim was news to Zuckerman, who told The Huffington Post, “its the first I heard of this.”

Zuckerman, a fellow real estate mogul who also recently considered stepping into politics, said he has “no idea what [Trump’s] talking about” and can’t recall ever asking him for help on anything.

In light of Trump’s on-air boast about him, Zuckerman joked that he “just finally realized that I have a twin brother.”