Motley Crüe’s Marketing Outpost in the Flatiron


motley crue1 Motley Crües Marketing Outpost in the Flatiron If you’ve ever dusted off your Motley Crüe cassettes and wondered, “Are they still alive?,” we have news for you. The marketing gurus for your favorite `80s hair band have landed some sweet Flatiron digs. 

Tenth Street Entertainment has helped revive many a flatlining career, including that of the Crüe, Blondie, Steven Tyler, Royal Underground and even Duke Ellington (who, last time we checked, actually is dead). The marketers have taken 7,000 square feet for five years at 38 West 21st Street. They’re currently located at 568 Broadway, but wanted to expand.  

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It was a “sleeper building,” Yvonne Chang told The Observer. She represented the tenant along with the Kaufman Organization‘s Grant Greenspan. “I definitely want to say that Tenth Street is adding a whole new caliber,” she added. In general, it’s getting busier by the day in Silicon Alley. “We’re getting a lot of entertainment and digital media companies,” she said. “Hot companies are really going toward that market.” 

Despite the buzz, apparently great deals can still be done. The tenant will pay $28 a square foot, significantly less than the asking rent. They also got a $100,000 tenant improvement allowance