Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Joint in New Williamsburg Studio


jiu 0 Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Joint in New Williamsburg StudioDon’t be fooled by the potbellies and mustaches, Williamsburg residents haven’t gone soft yet. 

Indeed, nothing caps off a Saturday afternoon at the Brooklyn Flea like a round of Brazilian ground wrestling. Or so we gather given that Williamsburg Brazilian Jiu Jitsu has just signed a 2,800-square-foot lease at 42 Dobbin Street, between Nassau and Norman avenues. The studio is run by professional fighter Roger Mamedov, who, judging by this YouTube video, enjoys a good grapple. 

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Grant Dolgin of Kalmon Dolgin Affiliates represented the tenant and the landlord, Flour and Sugar LLC. The tenant is relocating from North 11th Street, also in Williamsburg, to the three-story, 88,000-square-foot building, where Vespa, Mariebelle Chocolates, SBK Florists, Blenderbox, City Aquarium and a new restaurant/bar by restaurateur Robert Shamliam are also located.