On the Market: Green Monitors Mean Greenbacks; Huffington in at 40 Mercer?; Trailer Trash Suit in Burg

What new bed bug regulations mean for renters and owners [Brick Underground]

Lindsay Lohan house hunting in Manhattan, mom sez [News]

McMansions are so last decade [Post]

Firm rolls out “green” systems in hundreds of city buildings [Crain’s]

Is the city to blame for the Deutsche Bank Building fire, too? [Times]

Arianna Huffington mulls renting at Nouvel’s 40 Mercer [Post]

JPMorgan will not write down its mortgages [CNN]

Williamsburg trailer trash sues LIRR, lot owner for eviction [BK Paper]

CMBS is back (Doesn’t this story get written once a month?) [Journal]

Digging into small Census numbers [Times]

Hunter’s Point South could sack Water Taxi Beach [Curbed]

Duane Reade will stop selling lotto tickets [Journal]

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