Getting Stoned at 150 Greenwich Street [Pics]


4wtc lobby south after 0 Getting Stoned at 150 Greenwich Street [Pics]The folks at Silverstein Properties returned from a Roman holiday last month.

The trip was for business, though the builders and architects who traveled to Carrara, Italy, no doubt derived some pleasure from seeing the lobby of 4 World Trade Center taking shape before their eyes. At a huge stonecutting facility in this Mediterranean town famous for its marble, the Silverstein team inspected the stones that will someday line the lobby of the Fumihiko Maki-designed tower, the first of three Silverstein projects at the site to be completed, with an expected opening of 2013.

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As progress at Ground Zero became a palpable reality last year, these exclusive pictures of the lobby’s construction and the trip serve as yet another reminder that construction really can happen at the World Trade Center site.

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