Elevator Close Buttons Don’t Actually Work, and Other Office Oddities


doorclosebutton Elevator Close Buttons Dont Actually Work, and Other Office OdditiesIs it just The Observer offices, or is everybody’s heater on the fritz?

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Perhaps we know the answer now. Courtesy of Futility Closet, here are just a few of the true lies they tell you at work (and elsewhere): 

1) Close buttons on elevators are a cruel joke.

2) Put away the wrench: office thermostats don’t work anyway. They’re merely designed to entertain the masses at work between coffee breaks and web surfing. 

3) Apparently 2,500 of the 3,520 walk buttons in New York City are just for kicks, too. But that seems like a complete urban legend, since we’ve never even seen a single one in this city.

Feel free to share your own tales of office woe in the coments below.