Here Are the 10 Shops Where New Yorkers Drop the Most Cash


shopping spree Here Are the 10 Shops Where New Yorkers Drop the Most CashEveryone knows that New York is full of luxury stores where the rich and fabulous can go to shell out big bucks.

But now has released a breakdown of exactly which shops are raking in the most dough per visit.

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The data is based on activity from Mint’s more than 4 million users, and is being released as part of the launch of Mint Data, which lets users compare their financial habits to those of other folks on Mint.

The data needed a little cleaning. Apparently being a top shop in terms of purchase per visit is no gaurantee of longevity. Mint’s original list had Institute at #6 and Freelance at #10, stores which are now out of business or under new managment.

Most of the top names are easy to recognize, but a few random ones snuck in there. Anyone familiar with Electronic, a computer and camera store at 580 8th Ave, New York, New York, which takes in more money per visit than Hugo Boss, John Varvatos and Bergdorf Goodman?

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