Checkerboard Blue Ugly Even for Bushwick


checker blue Checkerboard Blue Ugly Even for BushwickThe real estate boom littered slapdash, unattractive buildings all across the city, especially in the North Brooklyn precincts of Williamsburg, Greenpoint and Bushwick. The latter, with its working class, clapboard rowhouses, is not especially known for its beauty to begin with–it is no Crown Heights or Midwood–yet this new development at 64 Palmetto Street, near Bushwick Avenue, may be one of the worst The Observer has laid its pink eyes on.

Whether the new development, Ocean Blue Residence, is an improvement over the structure it 64 Palmettoreplaced is open to debate. At the very least, the new design is certainly a standout from its dowdy neighbors, whatever one’s preference. But some simple wood or aluminum siding would have gone a heck of a lot further than this gaudy blue checkerboard. And yet the developer, Abe Green, tells Bushwick BK that five of the six apartments, which cost between $1,000 and $3,000 per month, have been rented, even with the blue theme continuing inside, replete with ocean-side murals. Green said it took a week to cover the entire building. 

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Green called it “a new attraction to the neighborhood” and a work of art. It’s a work of something, all right.

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