Blogging Is Just Like Living at the Apthorp


apthorp apartments Blogging Is Just Like Living at the ApthorpLast week, the Real Estate Desk got a little meta and bemoaned the fact that, despite promises to the contrary, nobody at Elliman bothered to get back to us after superbroker Dolly Lenz and her team split with the storied, struggling Apthorp. As the Desk’s own Chloe Malle reported, all is not well at the apartment building, and a reader confirmed it in the comments. “Nobody writes. Nobody calls. The Desk is feeling very unloved at the moment,” the commenter wrote in, quoting the original post, before continuing: 

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Imagine how the completely ignored Apthorp tenants feel when nobody from management writes or answers their calls & mails concerning the real, day-to-day problems in the building? Rats, mice, asbestos, lead paint peeling, leaks, grinding elevators, mail gone missing, laundry hallway that was “temporary” as of February, etc.