The Week We Rocked the Mosque Story and Exposed Tony Malkin’s Thing with Tall Towers


2103979588 3a4aaa222d b The Week We Rocked the Mosque Story and Exposed Tony Malkins Thing with Tall TowersSharif El-Gamal, the principal of SoHo Properties and would-be developer of the “ground zero mosque” (getting really tired of putting those quotation remarks around it, will stop soon), says he’s not going anywhere—though he would sell if the price were right.

Anthony Malkin, owner of the Empire State Building, isn’t too fond of the giant tower Steve Roth’s Vornado wants to plunk in place of the Hotel Pennslyvania. A landlord against development? For sure. Bring it.

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Why did the Sagaponack farmhouse cross the road? Was it because some wheels had been greased to the tune of $85K at the Peconic Land Trust? Perhaps. All politics is local. And nasty, man, nasty.

Dominick Dunne was awesome. His old penthouse not so much. Still, it fetched a pretty price. The German who bought it and more.

Stuy Town? More like …. Sty Town! The messy, messy foreclosure proceedings at the epic symbol of Big Real Estate’s hubris.

The whole thing about the Financial District this decade has been that it’s becoming a 24-7 neighborhood that’s kid-friendly. That may be true, but single people have not gone quietly into the echo-y night.

Plus: A couple of Mellons buy at the Pierre… The Aqueduct drama seems to end… Grubb & Ellis’ new New York chief talks about his first months… Don Trump Jr. fills 40 Wall retail… Old JPMorgan space at 320 Park disappears… Joe Sitt gets ready to knock himself down some Coney Island… Brooklyn Brewery gets a lot of money to expand in Williamsburg…