Morning Links: Private Eyes; Carnegie 57; Tamir Sapir; Bedbugs


Requiem for the Lincoln Center Barnes & Noble. (NY Times)

SEE ALSO: I H8 NY: NYC Is Crowded, so Lots of Shrewd Money Is Looking Elsewhere

Private eyes (clap, clap) they’re watchin’ you… especially if you’ve got a rent-stabilized apartment. (NY Times)

The uglier economic picture beyond Manhattan. (NY Times)

The Cuozz investigates why Carnegie 57 hotel-condo’s taking so long… (NY Post)

… And he looks at what’s next at W.T.C. (NY Post)

Cheese! M.T.A. rigging up hundreds of new subway cars with cameras. (NY Post)

The new state bedbug law and you. And them. Because they’re always with you. (WSJ)

Tamir Sapir’s ‘deteriorating mental condition.’ (Curbed)