Morning Links: Latest on the Mosque; JPMorgan’s Big Sale; Oprah Looking in NYC?


Archbishop Dolan tosses his mitre into the mosque debate. (NYT)

SEE ALSO: Beauty Company Expands by 6K SF in FiDi

Meanwhile, speculation that Iran may be cash source for mosque. Maybe. Possibly. (NYP)

Oh, and here’s the reality TV star who found the mosque site. Whadda town! (NYDN)

Ranger Michael Del Zotto rents on West 61st. (NYP – second item)

O my! Oprah kind of apartment hunting in New York. (NYP – third item)

Russian tycoon–who else?–buys Time Warner Center duplex. (NYP – fourth item)

Bond king Bill Gross: Nationalize Fannie and Freddie. (NYP)

Capital One expanding in Vornado’s 90 Park. (NYP)

Got a cheap apartment to sell? Here’s how to gussy it up. (WSJ)

And! The cheapest New York City home for sale right now. (WSJ)

JPMorgan Chase selling $1 B. in commercial mortgage-backed bonds. (Bloomberg)