Morning Links: Latest on the Mosque; JPMorgan’s Big Sale; Oprah Looking in NYC?


Archbishop Dolan tosses his mitre into the mosque debate. (NYT)

Meanwhile, speculation that Iran may be cash source for mosque. Maybe. Possibly. (NYP)

SEE ALSO: Hilton Acquires Midtown Timeshare Hotel for $136M

Oh, and here’s the reality TV star who found the mosque site. Whadda town! (NYDN)

Ranger Michael Del Zotto rents on West 61st. (NYP – second item)

O my! Oprah kind of apartment hunting in New York. (NYP – third item)

Russian tycoon–who else?–buys Time Warner Center duplex. (NYP – fourth item)

Bond king Bill Gross: Nationalize Fannie and Freddie. (NYP)

Capital One expanding in Vornado’s 90 Park. (NYP)

Got a cheap apartment to sell? Here’s how to gussy it up. (WSJ)

And! The cheapest New York City home for sale right now. (WSJ)

JPMorgan Chase selling $1 B. in commercial mortgage-backed bonds. (Bloomberg)