Morning Links: 15 Penn Plaza Timetable; Relief in Riverside; W.T.C. Deal Expected


So the City Council O.K.’d 15 Penn Plaza. But how long will it take to build? (NY Times)

That’s a relief! Riverside Park could get city’s first carbon-neutral public restroom. (NY Times)

SEE ALSO: Biden Kickstarting Gateway Tunnel with $292M Grant

No Americans want to buy new homes, either. (NY Times)

One of those annoying New York stories: this one’s about buying a CPW duplex in 1960. (NY Post)

M.T.A. nixes plans for seatless subway cars. (NYDN)

The ‘ghost signs’ of Queens. (NYDN)

Today’s the day (supposedly!) for W.T.C. Silverstein deal. (NYO)