Evening Links: Skyscrapers to Be Less Bright; Office Tenants Grow Smart


Save the birds! It’s lights out for some skyscrapers. Sometimes. (AP)

Tony Malkin has some renderings to go along with his crusade against Vornado’s tower that would jump in the skyline by the Empire State Building. (ArchPaper)

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Maybe one day Delta will expand even more at JFK Airport. Here’s what it might look like. (ArchPaper)

More religious fray downtown: The Greek Church at Ground Zero is becoming a political issue. (Times Union)

Bad news for landlords: Office tenants are learning to use space more efficiently. (WSJ)

Former city housing finance chief Emily Youssouf is headed to NYU’s Schack school. (TRD)

Businesses in the northeast want a hearing in Washington on high-speed rail. (RPA)