Ratner Hands Out AC Units to Residents Near Atlantic Yards


acunit Ratner Hands Out AC Units to Residents Near Atlantic YardsSome residents near the Atlantic Yards construction site in Brooklyn can expect a free air-conditioning unit from their friendly neighborhood developer, Forest City Ratner.

According both to an assistant vice president at Ratner and to Joe DePlasco, the publicist who represents the developer, Ratner has been handing out AC vouchers to people who live near the construction. The effort is part of Ratner’s mitigation plan; in the past such efforts have included closing roads to ease traffic related to the construction. But it remains unclear just how an air conditioner would mitigate construction woes.

“There’s always been a system in place for people who are impacted by sound or other activities,” Mr. DePlasco told The Observer. “Some of it could be heat-related in terms of people leaving their windows open if there’s work taking place.”

So it’s either sound or heat that’s getting residents down. Updates to follow.


Update 4:32 p.m.:

According to Mr. DePlasco, Ratner has been giving out air conditioners as mitigation for Atlantic Yards since May 2007. The idea is: Noise and dust make residents want to close their windows, which makes their apartments stuffy. People who live near the development (within the zone specified by Ratner’s Environmental Impact Statement) can actually request these AC vouchers—all year round.

We imagine they might be especially sought after now.