Bloomberg Thinks Lopez Will Come Around on Domino


vito Bloomberg Thinks Lopez Will Come Around on DominoMayor Bloomberg chimed in on the fight over the housing development planned for the former Domino Sugar factory in Williamsburg. His prediction: Brooklyn Democratic Party leader Vito Lopez will end up supporting the project. 

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Mr. Lopez, a key figure in the debate over Domino and chairman of the Assembly’s housing committee, is opposed to the current plans for the 2,200-apartment project, which calls for a series of towers of up to 40 stories to rise by the base of the Williamsburg Bridge.

“This is something we need,” the mayor told reporters today. “There are always people who have concerns, and our job is to try to alleviate those concerns, but we’re not going to walk away from this. And in the end, I think Vito Lopez, who is a very smart guy and cares very much about housing, will decide to do something.”

The opposition from Mr. Lopez and Councilman Steve Levin—Mr. Lopez’s former chief of staff—makes for a showdown with the developer, CPC Resources. The company has said it cannot give in to all his demands (more affordable housing, less total housing, lower buildings, more transportation), as they would cost so much as to kill the project.

The City Council must vote by next month to approve or reject the project.