How to Rename the Freedom Tower for Conde Nast


freedom tower How to Rename the Freedom Tower for Conde NastWell, the news that Condé Nast is contemplating a move to the Freedom Tower has gotten us awfully excited here in the Observer bullpen (see, media and real estate). And we’re hoping that Condé Nast will someday get naming rights to the biggest tower in the world if/when they decide to move (their lease at 4 Times Square extends for at least eight years).

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In any event, here are some name suggestions for the new tower:

  • Si Town
  • Graydon Gardens
  • Wintour Palace OR Wintour Wonderland
  • Si’s New House
  • Vanity Lair
  • (Maurie) Perl Harbor
  • The Si-Lo
  • Condé Nest
  • Reddit Refuge
  • Si-Scraper

Feel free to offer more suggestions and we’ll add them throughout the day! jkoblin [at]