Guy Trebay Scuba Dives into Garment District ‘Coral Reef’


347w36 0 Guy Trebay Scuba Dives into Garment District Coral ReefFearless fashion writer Guy Trebay scuba dives into what he describes as a “coral reef” of fashion this morning, and returns with an interesting profile of one building, 347 West 36th Street, as microcosm of the New York garment industry:

HOW is the garment district like a coral reef? A coral reef, as Animal Planet instructs us, shelters diverse species of sponges, snakes, clownfish and barracudas. So does the garment district. A coral reef is a rich universe with its own organically evolved architecture, home to its own assortment of beasts and weeds. Garment district buildings are the same. Plunge down alongside a reef and hang in the flow, currents eddying around you, and as the designer Yeohlee Teng said recently, “You never know what is going to swim by.”

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