Renaissance Columns! Hanover Gourmet Plans Fancy Sandwich Shop for Starved Noho


kate leonova 648 broadway Renaissance Columns! Hanover Gourmet Plans Fancy Sandwich Shop for Starved NohoNoho landlord Franmar was on the lookout for a hip young fashion tenant to fill its storefront gap at 648 Broadway in a neighborhood stocked with Urban Outfitters, Atrium Men’s and upscale fashion retailers. But in September 2008, it was becoming clear that the stars were aligning for, at the very least, an unpredictable economic climate. Real estate agency Lansco suggested that, in uncertain times, a good sandwich might have more staying power than skinny jeans, and Hanover Gourmet Deli made out with the deal.

“Knowing that one of the greatest drives to business in the area was New York University, we expanded our marketing campaign to target bookstores, discount stores, service retail and household-goods tenants that would serve the community well,” said Christine Emery of Lansco. “While food use was not at the forefront of the landlord’s mind, we quickly saw that this use was missing in the neighborhood. We successfully positioned Hanover Gourmet as a valuable tenant with a strong, design-driven point of view that would provide a great service to the neighborhood.”

The eatery, which opened its first location in the Financial District, signed a 15-year lease for the 7,000-square-foot space and plans to restore the building’s original brick walls and windows. Working with the architects at Namu Design Studio, it will create a layout that flaunts the space’s Renaissance-style columns and intricate tile flooring.

Fern Wagner of Goldschmidt and Associates represented the tenant. Ms. Emery, along with Yair Staav and Peter Weisman of Lansco, repped the landlord.