Brooklyn Bridge Handyman Skanska Koch Hangs Hammer in Two Trees’ 55 Washington


55 washington street Brooklyn Bridge Handyman Skanska Koch Hangs Hammer in Two Trees’ 55 WashingtonThe Brooklyn Bridge really is for sale—or, at least, its renovation was recently up for bid. Named by Popular Mechanics as one of the country’s top 10 pieces of infrastructure in need of serious repair, the historic suspension bridge flunked the federal rating system’s test for structural efficiency. Last year, the city decided a makeover was long overdue. In addition to a reinforced structure, the new and improved bridge will sport wider lanes and what’s been called a coffee-beige-colored paint job.

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It was construction firm Skanska Koch—with work on the World Trade Center, Yankee Stadium and the George Washington Bridge to its name—that made out with the Department of Transportation’s renovation plans. In need of a temporary home during construction, the international construction and consulting company settled on Dumbo, where it leased a 4,070 square-foot site at 55 Washington Street.

“Skanska needed a field office in Dumbo,” said Vicus PartnersBert Rosenblatt, who represented the construction firm. “They needed the space to be in move-in condition.”

The bridge itself is visible from the building’s windows.

The building, one of Two Trees Management’s, was represented by Caroline Pardo in-house.