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Commercial Real Estate In Memorium: 2012

A sketch of David Winoker.

New York real estate is some of the most desirable and expensive in the world, but the ever-fluctuating price of a square foot of space in a given neighborhood is unquestionably dwarfed by the value of human life. This year, the commercial real estate world lost several notable figures and The Commercial Observer would like to take a moment to remember them. Read More

David Winoker

Winoker’s Helmet May Have Caused Skydiving Accident, Say Cops

David Winoker and family (photo courtesy of Facebook)

Upstate police are investigating whether the tragic skydiving accident that claimed the life of real estate investor and broker David Winoker and the instructor he was jumping in tandem with was caused by Mr. Winoker’s helmet.

After reviewing bruises on the throat of skydiving instructor Aleksandr Chulsky, 25, Plattekill police suspect that it could have been Mr. Winoker’s helmet that knocked the man unconscious mid-air.  Read More

David Winoker

Winoker’s Parachute: What Went Wrong?

David Winoker

Skydiving instructor Alexander (or “Aleksandr”) Chulsky may have been knocked out by either a pre-existing medical condition or from the sudden jerk felt after he deployed the drogue chute and the parachute during the skydiving incident that claimed real estate executive David Winoker’s life.

Mr. Chulsky, 25, an instructor at the Skydive The Ranch in Ulster County, was connected in tandem with Mr. Winoker when the two fell to their deaths following a skydiving accident last Friday. Read More

David Winoker

David Winoker Remembered By Wife as Cautious Man

Alexander Chulsky (photo courtesy of the SI Advance)

The wife of real estate investor David Winoker told mourners during his funeral service yesterday that she encouraged her husband to go on what would become a fatal skydiving birthday party with friends.

“He never said ‘no’ to me. Maybe this time, he should have said no,” said Jillian Winoker during the memorial service for her husband at the Temple Shaaray Tefila in Bedford Corners, as was reported by The NY Post.

“I can’t think of when he said ‘no.’ That was the problem,” she added, according to the NY Daily News.

She went on to describe her husband as a man was cautious by nature.  Read More

David Winoker

Winoker Realty Deals With the Aftermath of David Winoker’s Death

A portrait of David Winoker

The staff of Winoker Realty have returned to work just days after their president David Winoker was killed in a skydiving accident.

Executive Vice President and Principal Corey Abdo addressed the Winoker team during a brief 5-minute meeting before everyone resumed their jobs.

“Everybody is doing what people would be doing on a Monday morning, which is really weird,” said Jonata Dayan, a senior vice president at Winoker Realty.  Read More