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Net Positive – Reinventing the Modern Lease to Create Capital Advantages

Over the past decade, net leasing options have been growing in popularity as owners and tenants alike catch on to the unique benefits they offer. Now, as the real estate industry continues to grapple with the business challenges of the COVID pandemic and a rapidly increasing amount of vacant real estate stock, landlords and tenants alike are looking to get creative with their leasing structures. While single net leases grant tenants lower base rents, triple net leases absolve landlords of almost all financial responsibility in a property. This event will take a closer look at the triple net lease investment: The ground lease. As a ground lease investor, many of the triple net benefits apply, but without building ownership. The effects of ground lease rollover have been felt on many high-profile transactions, but there’s also a widespread realization that a ground lease revolution is underway. Ground leases can serve as a long-term, attractive funding source — and structuring is key.

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