LA Confidential: The Trends, Sectors & Submarkets Shaking up the City of Angels

L.A. has benefited from a historically strong real estate market, supported by a diverse offering of high performing industry sectors. Has the pandemic stifled SoCal real estate growth? As the nation continues to adapt and respond to business interruptions and shifting paradigms across real estate sectors, L.A. seems to remain poised for growth. Supported by emerging industries and rising submarkets, investors are redirecting their attention to the City of Angels. From Silicon Beach to new, cutting-edge stadiums and film studios, L.A.’s diverse real estate portfolio is elevating its reputation as a highly competitive city for top talent, investors and real estate experts looking to get on the map. Join top market experts, owners, developers, brokers, investors, financiers and corporate occupiers to discuss the mega trends reshaping L.A.’s submarkets and resulting in sustained growth for the historically strong real estate market.