Adam Paul, 29

Adam Paul.

Adam Paul, 29

Senior Project Engineer at Longman Lindsey

Adam Paul, 29
By November 1, 2021 9:00 AM

As an undergrad at the University of Hartford, Adam Paul recognized his innate sensitivity to environmental conditions while studying acoustics, a subject that merged math and physics (his favorite subjects) with his passion for music. 

In academic speak, acoustics is a program in engineering focused on acoustical engineering and music. Forever a student of music, today Paul is part of both New York City’s Tapestry Chamber Choir and Longman Lindsey, a construction industry acoustical design firm. 

The latter involves balancing acoustical site testing, construction walkthroughs, client meetings and technical reviews of architectural and MEP drawings. 

“Usually, when I show up at the office, I don’t know 100 percent if I’ll be on a construction site later that day or on the rooftop of a Midtown office building to measure a cooling tower,” he said. “Never a dull moment.”

Paul’s past 12 months included work on Google’s 550 Washington Street offices in Hudson Square and the 1,100-foot-tall Edge observation deck at 30 Hudson Yards. 

Not surprisingly, he’s particularly proud of his work on the headquarters of Music Theater International at 423 West 55th Street. It was both engaging and uniquely challenging work because it included multipurpose rooms used for meetings as well as musical recordings and presentations, and these rooms were adjacent to workspaces, Paul said. That involved optimizing interior acoustic environments to make them suitable for conferencing and recording sound quality, plus containing the sound and maintaining visual design integrity.—S.P.

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