Facebook Parent Meta Postpones Return to Office Until March 28


Facebook’s parent company Meta Platforms will be postponing its return to office due to the spread of the omicron variant, Reuters reported on Tuesday.

With an initial plan for a somewhat full return for January, the tech giant is kicking the can down the road as the pandemic moves into its third year.

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Many employees will still be able to continue working from home as long as they file a request with the company by mid-March — and that request is approved — and those returning in person will be required to either be vaccinated, including with a booster shot, or prove an exemption for medical or religious reasons.

“We’re focused on making sure our employees continue to have choices about where they work given the current COVID-19 landscape,” said Janelle Gale, vice president of human resources at Meta. “We understand that the continued uncertainty makes this a difficult time to make decisions about where to work, so we’re giving more time to choose what works best for them.”

In acknowledging the uncertainty of bringing employees back to the office, Meta said it will take action against any employees who do not follow health protocols.

“Employees who take no action can face disciplinary measures, including termination. Obviously, this would be a last resort,” a spokesperson told Reuters by email.

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