7 Things From MAPIC 2018 (in Tweets)


Couldn’t make it across the Atlantic to this year’s MAPIC—the annual retail trade show—in Cannes, France this year? Here’s a rundown of what Commercial Observer saw and heard from the event.

Clothing retailer Primark recently opened its second New York City location in Brooklyn and is looking for more, but don’t expect to be able to shop for dirt-cheap clothes in Manhattan anytime soon.

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Amazon (AMZN)—which is opening France’s first robotics site in the south of Paris next year—has plenty of new tricks for warehouses.

Worried about the retail vacancy rate in New York City (even if it isn’t 20 percent)? It might get worse along West 34th Street.

Tunisia’s getting not one, but two rollercoasters soon!

American Dream mall—formerly Xanadu—in Meadowlands, N.J., got some international props.

Looks like a leaky roof isn’t the only thing wrong at the Westfield’s Oculus mall in the World Trade Center.

But even heavy-hitters like Ripco Real Estate’s Gene Spiegelman could take a break at MAPIC.