Checking In: Hudson Yards


On West 33rd Street, between 10th and 11th Avenues, is a modest, unassuming building that looks like it was built some time in the middle of the last century, where a Related Companies marketing team had invited Commercial Observer (along with several other media outlets) for a presentation on their new mega-project in the works across the street.

We’re speaking, of course, about Hudson Yards.

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Tucked away on the fifth floor where Related started the presentation were a series of countdown clocks to the target dates of the various Hudson Yards buildings.

Ten Hudson Yards was 200 days away.

Fifteen Hudson Yards, a little longer (986 days away).

For the building that was farthest out—35 Hudson Yards—prospective tenants (as of last Thursday afternoon) will have to wait 1,320 days, six hours, 20 minutes and nine seconds for it to be finished.

It’s a long time to wait. Related’s Michael Samuelian, a vice president focused on the project, dazzled us with details about it and the history of the surrounding area—so we might as well share what they’ve got as of now.