Who Owns That NYC Building? Check Your Mobile


Falkon in the field (Photo: RE:tech).
Falkon in the field (Photo: RE:tech).

Some people stand in front of buildings in New York and wonder, “Who owns that?” Falkon, an iOS app released this week by RE:Tech, will inform its users about the identities of a million buildings in New York City, right in the palm of their hand. RE:Tech’s founder, Ash Zandieh, called it: “The world’s first geosearch platform to find the owners or principals of a property on mobile.”

“Falkon is a game changer. The real estate industry lacks the ability to instantly access accurate property data,” Brittany Wunsch, a vice president of commercial real estate brokerage services at JLL, said in prepared remarks via RE:Tech. “Falkon will bring a much needed layer of efficiency and productivity to the industry.”

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