Lightower Expands New Jersey Business, Opens New Office


11195_Logo_PrintNetwork services provider Lightower Fiber Networks is opening an office in New Jersey. The company announced the move as a part of its strategic growth plan. The office, located in Woodbridge,  will support the companies efforts to expand business across the state.

“Opening this new Lightower office in Woodbridge is a direct reflection of the growing demand and need for high capacity networking services in this area as well as the entire state,” Rob Shanahan, the chief executive officer of Lightower, said in a prepared statement.“From this new location, our teams will deliver the next generation, all-fiber networking solutions that are helping to fuel the growth of organizations in New Jersey.”

Lightower is among companies expanding business in the New York City area. Improvements to the city’s aging infrastructure have drawn new businesses to the area and allowed existing businesses to expand and open new offices. Verizon, one of the top providers of telecommunications service in the metro area, has updated wireless and wireline equipment in the area in the two years following hurricane Sandy.