Northwood Investors Mansion On Madison Party


The 26,190-square-foot Mansion on Madison, formerly the Villard Mansion, was reintroduced to the real estate industry last week. Previously railroad tycoon Henry Villard’s mansion, the grand residence at the New York Palace Hotel is being transformed by owners Northwood Investors. Marketed as a flagship retail location or a unique corporate office, the Mansion on Madison drew a large crowd last Thursday night for a “Midwinter’s Bash.” Jedd Nero, the executive vice president of retail services at CBRE, was on hand to point out some of the building’s more unique features.

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Paul Mulinec -CBRE; Jedd Nero -CBRE; Michael Kadosh -CBRE; Michael O'Shaughnessy -Northwood Investors
Shiva Viswanathan -Northwood Investors; Brielle Milano -CBRE; Robert Bonicoro -CBRE; Jedd Nero -CBRE
Alden Alexander -CBRE; Michael Kadosh -CBRE; Steve Soutendijk -Cushman & Wakefield; Annette Healey -CBRE
Dan Gronich -Newark NF; Jedd Nero -CBRE; Gary Alterman -RKF; Ms. Brod -ABS