Hotel Pennsylvania Offers Free Wi-Fi to Attract Guests


Many businesses are offering special deals in November to boost sales before Black Friday.

The hotel business is no exception. Midtown-based Hotel Pennsylvania is offering Wi-Fi and special deals in November in order to boost traffic at the hotel. The hotel, one of the larger properties in Midtown, has a variety of room and site options for guests. In addition to Wi-Fi, the hotel is offering special deals to customers who book for Christmas shopping. The hotel announced last week that customers traveling during the Christmas holiday can take advantage of the offer. The hotel’s sale includes a special 48-hour period with room offerings at 25 percent of the regular price.

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Hotel Penn“We want to offer our guests the best New York City experience for an unbeatable rate. From shopping to holiday displays and world-famous attractions, our location provides you access to everything,” said Jim Flynn, general manager. “This sale is the perfect opportunity for visitors to enjoy this great city without breaking the bank.”

The Hotel Pennsylvania is not the only hotel offering deals to holiday travelers. Many of Manhattan’s top hotels have contracts with hotel deal sites and to boost occupancy and sell out rooms.