Tommy Craig, Hines


2013 Owners MagazineFavorite charity? 

Phipps Houses

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Real estate prediction for 2014? 

Users replace an even greater office on the advantages offered by building’s designed for the 21st-century workplace.

Where in New York is there still untapped potential for real estate development? 

The area around Columbia University’s new campus.

Who will become New York City’s next mayor?  

No one as good as Mayor Michael Bloomberg in all likelihood, but Mary Ann Tighe would be my vote.

What real estate policy should New York’s next mayor make a priority?   

Implementing the Midtown East zoning initiative successfully.

What qualities do you look for in an agent representing your buildings? 

Integrity and thoughtfulness.

What is one aspect of your business you wish you had more time for? 

Casual interaction with all, but especially younger people.

Greatest fear: 

Any change that degrades the quality of life that is the foundation of New York City’s current success.

If approved, the Midtown East rezoning initiative will: 

Provide the second hundred years of global preeminence for this submarket.

In the film version of your life, which actor would portray you? 

Jan-Michael Vincent.

Foreign real estate market you’d most like to invest in: 


Is broadband connectivity in New York City a priority at your buildings? 


What should happen with Madison Square Garden and Penn Station? 

Madison Square Garden should be relocated to United States Postal Site to the west and Penn Station should finally be redeveloped.

What New York City building should be torn down? 

317 Madison Avenue – 51 East 42nd Street