Basic Broadband Errors Cost Britons 100 Million Megabytes Per Year


The simplest solution is often the most effective, and according to a new study from British Internet provider TalkTalk, Wifi is no different.

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The study shows that more than 100 million megabytes of broadband are going to waste in UK homes every year due to basic wiring issues and poorly connected routers.

talktalk Basic Broadband Errors Cost Britons 100 Million Megabytes Per Year TalkTalk’s analysts found that more than 500,000 homes are regularly losing four Mpbs each year. That adds up to enough bandwidth to use the BBC iPlayer for 59 years nonstop, which is comparable to standard Netflix usage as well.

The biggest contributors to this loss of broadband? In first place, with 38 percent, is simply bad wiring, and second place (34 percent) goes to the need to reconfigure your router. Other common issues were not connecting the router to the master socket and needing a new broadband filter.

“We see thousands of homes wasting broadband width simply because of a poor in-home setup,” TalkTalk engineer Keith Myles said. “People need to think about their broadband in the same way as other utilities such as water and electricity—it’s a commodity that can go to waste if you’re not careful.”