GroundLink Car Service to Offer Wi-Fi Using Karma 4G Hotspots


Your New York City commute is about to get a little more connected.

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Now that GroundLink has partnered with Karma to put Wi-Fi hot spots in many of its black cars, you can actually get some work done on that rushed ride to the airport.

GroundLinkKarma is a relatively new and innovative type of pay-per-gigabyte mobile virtual network operator. The company’s hot spots encourage owners to dial back on privacy in favor of allowing others to latch onto their network. It does so through a reward program it calls social bandwidth. New users get 100 MB free when they first connect, and, every time a new user connects to their hot spot, they get 100 MB for themselves.

And GroundLink’s cars are already well-connected—potential passengers can book a car using its app (and through the traditional phone and website channels, too). But the GroundLink partnership is interesting because, just a few months ago, Karma announced too early that it was partnering with Uber, a GroundLink competitor.