Electric Literature Takes Part in Tech Internship Program


A wide variety of companies have opened their doors to students as part of the internship partnership between City Tech, SBS, and the Brooklyn Tech Triangle. Among them is Electric Literature, a unique independent publisher that brings fiction to the Internet through different media. Benjamin Samuel, co-editor of the site, explained the program to Wired City.

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“We hired two interns for this program. We interviewed about a dozen really qualified candidates after a sort of internship interview speed-dating system.”

 Electric Literature Takes Part in Tech Internship ProgramThe interns, Rose Mary Perez and Patricia Persaud, complement each other well. One works on the back end, the programming aspect of the company’s blog, while the other works on the front end, creating website design.

“It’s an ideal partnership,” Mr. Samuel added.

Mr. Samuel worked together with the interns to redesign and update the website’s blog.

“[Mr. Samuel] had a vision for the blog and he communicated it to us and we have been able to bring it to fruition. It’s going live this week. I’m excited,” said Ms. Perez.

“This is the first time we’ve had interns that understand programming and that makes them very desirable. We are a small business and to pay interns on our own is not something we could have done without this program,” Mr. Samuel said.

It is no secret that the tech world is expanding and it is an exciting time to have programming skills.

“Tech is booming and I feel lucky that five years ago I decided to enter the technology world,” said Ms. Perez.

The internship began July 8 and will continue until August 22. The program plans to build upon this year’s success and add more schools and businesses next year.