Christine Quinn Decries “Sick, Sexist” Hudson Yards Critic in 2002 Phone Messages


As a page one New York Times story about Christine Quinn‘s short temper made the rounds yesterday, a recording of the mayoral candidate’s feisty voice mails from 2002 was uploaded to YouTube.

Ms. Quinn left the messages for a Hell’s Kitchen resident who opposed area developments including Hudson Yards (now under construction) and the West Side Stadium (long since jettisoned). The recipient spread his criticism to Ms. Quinn, who as district three representative did not personally attend a December 17, 2002 press conference condemning the projects.

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Christine Quinn
Christine Quinn

In the two messages (which can be heard in their entirety here), Ms. Quinn restates her opposition to the stadium and notes that she sent staffers in her place.

“My staff was there,” Ms. Quinn said. “I couldn’t be at the press conference.”

She goes on to imply that the Hell’s Kitchen resident, John, and fellow activists had attacked her on sexist grounds. They did not, she said, accuse then-State Senator Tom Duane and Assemblyman Dick Gottfried, who were both absent, of “waffling” on the issue.

“I don’t know why you are pathological in your statements about me and have now told people I’m waffling on the stadium,” Ms. Quinn said. “Do you merely single out the female council members to attack in some kind of sick, sexist routine?”

The current City Council speaker goes on to demand “a list of every single person you told this blatant lie to.”

“I am outraged about this, John,” Ms. Quinn said.

“Perhaps if you fought the real enemy you might be more successful.”

Gothamist spoke to John, who, like Ms. Quinn, does not mince words.

“It’s not a question of who’s right and wrong [about the project]; it’s a question of temperament,” he said. “She always does this.That’s her first line of attack, that anyone who disagrees with her is sexist. This is not the first or the last time I experienced this from Quinn. This is just the first time I got it on tape.”

Last month, The New York Observer wrote about the similarities between Ms. Quinn’s affordable housing plan and that of the Real Estate Board of New York. The industry lobbying group’s housing proposal won plaudits from Stephen Ross, whose Related Companies is the most prominent Hudson Yards developer.

When reached by phone for comment, a spokeswoman for Ms. Quinn asked The Commercial Observer to send our request via email. The speaker’s office has not replied to our email request.